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Eligibility & Application

Eligibility Requirements

  • Demonstrate scholarship in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines.
  • Have a 2.8 GPA or higher and engage in tutoring.
  • Have interest in pursuing graduate studies leading to a Ph.D.
  • Submit estimated Study Log Sheets and short Monthly Summary sheets.
  • Must attend 2 seminars a semester. One should be in the perspective department or discipline.
  • Conference attendance necessary which is fully funded by LS-LAMP
  • Be willing to participate in undergraduate research and related UL-LAMP activities.

Tutoring/Mentoring Requirements

  • Freshman/Sophomore - receive 10 hours of tutoring: 4 hours of mentoring with assigned faculty and 6 hours of tutoring/study hall.
  • Junior/Senior - receive 10 hours of tutoring: 2 hours of tutoring freshman/sophomore LS-LAMP Scholars, 2 hours tutoring/study hall, and 6 hours of mentoring.

Essays/Resume Requirements

  • Freshman/Sophomore - 500 word Essay on recent technology in major field.
  • Sophomore/Junior- Resume and cover letter for prospective job in major field.
  • Junior- 300 word Essay on career opportunities in major field
  • Senior- 500 word Essay or Presentation or Poster Display on (Choose One):
    • Importance of attending graduate school (OR)
    • Undergraduate research topic-current semester

Program information is available in the LS-LAMP office, located in Agnes Edwards Hall, room M-171. We understand that you may have a busy schedule so you can also fill out an application and send it via email to