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SSS Individualized Academic Plan and Agreement For Educational Services

As a participating student in the Student Support Services Program, I commit myself to the following criteria:
• I will meet with my SSS counselor at least four (4) times per semester;
• I will attend at least one SSS workshop/Career Fair/Academic or Cultural Event that suits my current needs, per semester;
• I will sign-in at least twice (2) times per semester on the Resource Lab computer in room 111;
• I will take advantage of the tutoring services that are available - if needed;
• I will consult with my SSS counselor before registration, drop or addition of a class, change of major, and transfer or withdrawal from the university

Signing this form is to certify that I, the undersigned student, have agreed to all of the aforementioned conditions. Signature is required at end of this document.



**I understand that if I do not comply with the above requirements, then I am not guaranteed placement into SSS and will not be considered for Grant Aid.
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